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Kieran Ballard-Tremeer

Teacher,Owner and Managing Director







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About the classes

Weekly group music classes for kids in which your child will learn about the elements of music whilst developing their brains and bodies each step of the way. Every musical activity in the session specifically targets a developmental goal whilst musical instruments and other props make learning fun and exciting for each child.

Being exposed to  many different, carefully chosen age-specific musical instruments and different types of international music  styles makes achieving and celebrating developmental milestones a lot of fun. Bells, glockenspiels, tambourines, shakers, scarves, balls, books, finger puppets, drums, woodwind instruments, harmonicas, triangles and a host of other instruments and props are used in class. Young children in classes of similar ages, will each have their own instrument for each activity to explore  at their own pace in class. Themed semesters assist in learning with ‘Music From Around The World’ in September 2012 embracing the cosmopolitan culture and peoples of Dubai. Annual concerts, Dad’s days and festive celebration events will enhance your child’s musical learning experience whilst introducing them to performing in public thus building their confidence and self esteem. Each term parents will receive an email outline of the themed curriculum for the term, developmental outlines for the activities, as well as optional cultural events happening in the region. Any concerns or specific goals for your child may always be discussed with your teacher. For more information please use the contacts section on the home page.


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About your teacher

Kieran Ballard-Tremeer

LRSM,ACRSM,UTLM,BMus cum laude UP with psychology

CLICK HERE to listen to Kieran play the saxophone…

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